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Pan Am’s Sikorsky S-42B In Hangar

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  • Jamie Dodson

    September 9, 2009

    What a great old Flying Boat. The S-42A model was used by Captain Ed Musick to conduct the survey flights across the Pacific in the spring and summer of 1935. The NR-823M (Pan American Clipper) paved the way for the more famous NC -14716. M-130 (China Clipper). Musick was a Collier Trophy Winner and of the S-42, “She has the stuff!”. He said of the M-130, “She’s unstable on every axis.” Check out my webpage and click on the ‘Flying Boats” link for details of both airliners, including pictures, specifications and cut-a-way drawings.

    Cheers! Jamie Dodson,
    Author of “FLYING BOATS & SPIES”

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