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FlightOfMemory_CoverFlight of Memory | Long Island’s Aeronautical Past

By Elly Shodell, Oral History Director of the Port Washington Public Library

In 96 pages, with 111 photographs and illustrations, this book recovers the memory of aviation on Long Island, enriches New York’s historical record, and provides a first-hand look at the first encounters of Long Islanders with aviation.

Published in 1995, Flight of Memory brings together aviation scholars and suburbanites, mechanics and librarians, pilots and historians.  It draws on collections ranging in size from a single family scrapbook to thousands of documents in a university archive.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please visit our Book Shop.  The book is available for $15.

PPPcoverimagePeople, Places, Planes | Aviation, Folk Art & Community

By Elly Shodell, Oral History Director of the Port Washington Public Library

On Long Island between 1910 and 1955, the airplane defined the economic and social life of the community. Today, people who grew up with the Air Age and made their living in the aircraft industries have reached the age of retirement and remembering. Their leisure activities now serve to keep them connected with the aviation community of the past and hold out the hope of connection with a community of the future. This book offers a unique insight into the aviation world that inhabited Long Island for so many years.

Published in 1997, People, Places, Planes features dozens of black and white images in its 60 pages.  Copies are available for $10.  For more infomation, please visit our Book Shop.