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TUNING UP A U. S. ARMY AEROPLANE          SERIES NO. 12          222671 [date unknown]

Port residents the Littys sit on the wing of a Vultee BT13 at the Deer Park Airport (which no longer

The back of the postcard reads: REPUBLIC'S F-84F Thunderstreak fighter-bomber.  Armed with six .50 caliber guns and more than 6,000 pounds

The Dixie Clipper, a Boeing 314 flying boat operated by Pan American, was in service from 1939-1950. See our post featuring

The "Bermuda Clipper" had the Pan American number NC16735.

Paul Kotze (second from left) and other volunteers crafted a replica Sperry Messenger plane from original plans for Nassau County's

[CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE] PORT WASHINGTON, U.S.A.                   PAA AIRPORT NO. B-335-4 REMARKS: Station operated by Pan American Airways - At present used

This flying boat, manufactured by the Short Brothers and called the Cavalier (each individual plane was given a name that

In Sands Point, members of the club await the start of the sixth annual seaplane cruise of the Long Island

In 1994 the abandoned Republic Aviation Corporation plant was demolished.  It looked nothing like it did below, circa 1953. Top photo

The name Grumman on a part or plane means the same to the Navy as Sterling on silver means to

The Cavalier flying boat made journeys from London to New York to Bermuda from 1937 until 1939, when it made

To commemorate the achievement of the first commercial survey flights made across the North Atlantic jointly by Pan American Airways

Martha Myskowski, on right, and Betty Relli were members of Port Washington's championship riveting team.  They hold the crowd spellbound

The plant was located on Manhasset Isle. Photo courtesy of of the Estate of Joseph J. Gaeta.

On September 6, 1922 Glenn H. Curtiss successfully flew his sail plane for the first time, in Manhasset Bay.  The

William B. Atwater, early Port Washington aviator, entered races, flew to Bermuda, and set speed records. He also had a bit

Aerial view of Republic Aviation Corporation, located on Manhasset Isle in Port Washington from 1950 to 1958.

The Dornier Do X was the largest and bulkiest flying boat at the time of its production in 1929.  For

Typical of the air thrills at the time is Billy Bomar hanging by his hands from a strut of a

View of Manhasset Bay, in front of Pan American hangar on Manhasset Isle.  Notice the flying boat that just landed! The

Built by Sikorsky Aircraft Co., this plane was used for Pan American's first flights from Port Washington to Bermuda in

This seaplane was owned by Ray Profitt, of Ray Profitt Seaplane Base.  The photograph was taken by Everitt J. Hehn

Republic RC-3 Seabee that belonged to Ray Profitt, owner of Ray Profitt Seaplane Base, being taken out of the water