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Port Residents

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Port residents the Littys sit on the wing of a Vultee BT13 at the Deer Park Airport (which no longer

Paul Kotze (second from left) and other volunteers crafted a replica Sperry Messenger plane from original plans for Nassau County's

William B. Atwater, early Port Washington aviator, entered races, flew to Bermuda, and set speed records. He also had a bit

Photo from the collection of Allan Litty.  Taken at the Tom's Point Skyport.

Photo from the collection of Allan Litty. For more information about the Piper J-3 see the Wikipedia entry or the Piper

Local resident John Philip Sousa, the "march king," composed "The Aviators March" in 1932 to celebrate the local citizen's role

(l. to r.) Al Meadows, John Martin, Bob Leib, Edward Harrington in front of American Eagle with OX-5 engine. Photo from

At the helm of a DC-8-61 Trans Caribbean Airways jet. Harrington said: For 727 and DC-8 training I was going day and

Ward Davidson, Jr. (right) was one of Port Washington's youngest aviation enthusiasts at the time.  By the 1930s, entire families