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Aviation Audio

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 Click the play buttons to listen.  For more information about each interview, see the Aviation Oral History Catalog.

Airplane Sounds:  Airplane Sounds recorded by James Kovacsik:  fly-by at Bayport Aeorodrome, antique airplane engines.  (47:43)

Anholzer, Hank:  Model airplane maker discusses early Long Island airplane industry, Brewster Aeronautical and Pan American airlines, personal experiences with model making.  Feb. 6, 1996.  (46:27)

Anholzer, Hank:  Hank Anholzer’s background, Lindbergh, airplane model building, work experiences, Long Island Early Fliers group.  Apr. 17, 1996.  (1:13:10)

Axinn, Donald:  Growing up amid 1930s Long Island aviation scene, Middlebury College flying club, poetry, women in aviation, Port Washington seaplane service.  May 29, 1996.  (53:01)

Bergman, George:  Machinist in airline and related industries, 1895-1991.  Early engines, Sikorsky and Sovoia-Marchetti craft.  May 23, 1994.  (58:39)

Cassanello, Emil:  Model airplane maker and pilot discusses 1940s work experiences and model airplane characteristics.

Darress, Dorothy:  Retired TWA stewardess talks about how the role of the stewardess evolved through industry changes.  Dec. 3, 1993.  (46:24)