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Bermuda Air Cruises Brochure, 1938 [Inside Flap]

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Bermuda Air Cruises Brochure, 1938 [Inside Flap]

bermuda_flap“The NEW Travel Hit!”

“NOT JUST A CRUISE, not just the treasure isles of Bermuda, not alone the fact that you travel there by air (in 5 hours from New York) but all three put together . . . AIR CRUISES to BERMUDA.  Where could be found a more perfect combination, a more perfect vacation?

“A typical itinerary takes you out of New York (Port Washington) aboard America’s giant ocean-going flying boat, the U. S. A. Bermuda Clipper or Great Britain’s ocean airliner, the R. M. A. Cavalier.  Reclining in the easy comfort of your sky-chair first come colorful aerial vistas of continental coastline, ocean and fairy castles in the clouds; next that famous ‘300 mile luncheon’; and in a few minutes less than 5 hours aloft you are in old-world Bermuda.

“Simultaneously gayest and most simple, quaintest and most comfortable, Bermuda is they playground of the north Atlantic.  Waft by the ocean’s cool breezes in summer, by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream in winter, the islands abound in opportunities for sport, for gaiety and for relaxation.

“There is so much time to spend . . . because so much time has been saved in transit!  Almost all is yours to be passed on the glistening beaches, at golf, sailing, fishing, or in leisurely trips over the Islands.  And whenever you plan to return you are whisked back to New York within another five hours.

“Cruises from 7 to 16 days, cruises within 2 thrilling flights and more than 94 per cent of your time to spend in Bermuda.  And all for little more than it costs to live at home.  Where else an equal travel treat?  Where else a more delightful vacation?  Glance at the itineraries outlined within, choose your cruise, then call your travel agent for details and your ticket.”