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Digitized Recordings
Listen to complete interviews with the following stars of our exhibit, and read excerpts from the interviews:


Florence Longworth with Elly Shodell, 1980

Biddle, Gerald (1935-1996), businessman. 1980.
Biddle, Marjorie (1904-2002), private nurse. 1981.
Biddle, Minnie (Townsend) (1870-1971), midwife. 1964.
Blount, John Morgan (1899-1985), mason. 1981.
Dumpson, Dorothy (1901-1991), day-worker. 1981.
Nixon, Beatrice Armstrong (1901-1988), housewife. 1981.
Phillips, Clarence (1892-1986), gardener. 1981.

More Interviews
In addition to the interviews posted on this site, the Local History Center maintains recordings and transcripts of oral history interviews conducted with residents featured in the exhibit:
Barrett, Barbara Eato (b. 1923), child-minder. 1985.
Bisserup, June Eato (b. 1917), nurse. 1985.
Goode, Hubert (1905-1987), taxicab driver. 1981.
Lacey, Daisy Miles (1890-1980), day-worker. 1964.
Longworth, Florence Biddle (b. 1898), housewife. 1981.
Russell, Ella Beatrice (b. 1907), school teacher. 1981.
Saulter, Ethel (b. 1913), secretary. 1981.
Simpkins, John, Jr. (b. 1965). 1985.
If you are interested in listening to or reading these interviews don’t hesitate to contact the Local History Center at 516-883-4400, ext. 167 or localhistory[at]pwpl[dot]org.  Of course you can also pop in the next time you’re at the library!

Our Book
These interviews were also compiled in It Looks Like Yesterday To Me, published in 1984 by the Port Washington Public Library.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of It Looks Like Yesterday To Me please see our book shop for more information.  The paperbound booklet, featuring a dozen interviews and over 40 images, is available for order by phone, email, fax, and post.  You can also pick up a copy in person at the library, of course!
36p., illustrated, $7