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African-American Heritage

  /  African-American Heritage

Lorenzo Loze (l.) in his Eagles baseball uniform and Richy John (r.) in his Jets uniform.

A little house built on Onderdonk Farm for African-American workers and their families.  The farm was situated beyond the present

Beatrice Whiteman (l.) and Marjorie Biddle (r.).  Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Mike Scarpia (l.) and Frederick "Sparky" Biddle (r.).  Circa 1940s-1950s. How "Sparky" got his nickname: Whenever a car came in with something

Interview at Florence Longworth's home, for "It Looks Like Yesterday to Me."

b. May 1920.  Daughter of Rose Smith.  Niece of Hubert Goode.

(l. to r.) Marjorie Biddle, Florence Longworth, Minnie Biddle, Reverend Brown, Mary Veit, Lizzie Biddle The board met every first Sunday