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PWPL @ 120 Main Splash Image


The special exhibition “PWPL@120” was shown at the library to celebrate and document its first twelve decades.

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It traced the library back to its beginnings in 1892 as a women’s club and forward to today as a center of digital learning, global research and community culture. The panels were a graphic road map of these remarkable changes. Using rare books, out-of-print periodicals, maps, vintage photographs and recorded sounds, “PWPL@120” was a sampler of materials and themes that have special significance to the development of the library and town—suffragettes, wars, globalization, prosperity and technology. This website contains all the archival images that were displayed on the exhibition panels.

The panels, artifacts and computer installations were vehicles to that take you on a journey—to understand the past, to appreciate the present and perhaps to glimpse the future—and to appreciate how far we have come under the four extraordinary directors who got us here.

Exhibition Director and Curator Elly Shodell
Associate Curator and Digital Resources
Dan Chuzmir
Research Tal Hurwitz, Bob Bracken, Liz Young, Caitlin Wrigley, Christine Valzovano, Peter Zwerlein
Exhibit Design Robin Drake
Exhibit Graphics and Website Design Anne Finkelstein
Display Cases Curator Janet West

Port Washington Public Library Director
Nancy Curtin

Port Washington Public Library
Assistant Director Corinne Camarata

Port Washington Public Library
Board of Trustees
Lee Aitken, President, Myron Blumenfeld, Patricia Bridges, Joseph Burden, Nancy Comer, Thomas Donoghue, John O’Connell

Lou Seeger, Marty Vogel, Lori Gerbasi, Jungook Seo, Rachel Fox, Port Washington Public Library Local History Center Archives, Bill Gravert, Linda Cohen, Will Wright, Patti Melville, Tal Hurwitz, Jackie Kelly. Photo on the Media page: Bob Drew, Friends of the Library board member.