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Portraits exploring relationships between Port residents and unique art from our collections

Robert Lee Aitken

When this picture was taken, I felt that I was holding Port Washington history in my hands. For all its wonderful diversity, Port Washington has a long and storied past and that is something in which I take a great deal of interest. The picture brings to mind that Henry Remsen Tibbits was a member of a prominent Port Washington family. The building we now know as the Bank of America began its life as the Port Washington National Bank of which Mr. Tibbits was the first President. I got a kick when I read that the portrait of Mr. Tibbits I am holding was inscribed to Alison C. Wysong, Esq., another name from Port Washington’s past and like me, a Port Washington attorney. I sometimes come across old legal documents prepared by Mr. Wysong and wonder what the practice of law was like back in his day.

Maybe in some future day a picture, or the future equivalent thereof, will be taken of someone holding the picture of me holding the Tibbits/Wysong portrait and the link to Port’s past will continue.

Connections Exhibit