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Amy Bass

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Amy Bass

I grew up in Port Washington in a house full of books, where they were treasured and actually took over some rooms.
My family were readers and active library users. When I joined the Friends of the Library in 1986, I was excited and honored to be part of our community’s largest “home” for books. I soon learned that the Friends does much more than books. I became actively involved and have been Friends‘ president for many years. Through outreach, advocacy and fundraising we expand programming throughout the library, supporting the Classic Book budget, Book Club in a Bag, e-readers, the Great Library Card Adventure, Tutor.com, the Museum Pass Program, Soundswap and Sandwiched-In lectures.

Volunteering for the Friends and being part of the library community are now integral parts of my life. I am so proud of the Friends and of the expansive universe of the Port Washington Public library which now includes much, much more than books.

Artist: Rose Weinstock
Title: Books
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: c. 2006